April 4, 2018
7:30AM - 5PM
Lancaster Marriott Penn Square


Dr. Hilda Shirk, Ph.D., MSW.

President & CEO

Lancaster Health Center

Dr. Hilda Shirk, Ph.D., MSW.

Hilda Shirk is the President & CEO of Lancaster Health Center, a nonprofit community health center delivering primary care and dental services to 22,000 residents in Lancaster. She is a Lancaster City resident and Lancaster County native. She began her professional career in the southeast section of Lancaster City, where her fluency in Spanish took her into the homes of city residents and brought her face-to-face with the realities of poverty and limited resources. During her career, Dr. Shirk has worked with a range of nonprofit organizations, including leading the effort to address local public health needs, serving as the CEO of a behavioral health and child welfare agency, and managing a national self-funded health plan. She received her BA in Spanish from Goshen College, MSW from University of Pennsylvania, and PhD in Business Administration from Northcentral University.