April 4, 2018
7:30AM - 5PM
Lancaster Marriott Penn Square


A Message from Latino Connection

Latino Connection is delighted to host the 2nd Annual Latino Health Summit in York, PA during Minority Health Month— in April 2019.

The inaugural 2018 Latino Health Summit saw over 400 people attending both the Summit and the Expo. Attendees from over 30 counties across Pennsylvania and from five different states were present. With the help of providers and companies, the Department of Health and the Commission on Latino Affairs— we were able to successfully shine a light on an issue that affects 1,000,000+ Pennsylvanians. But our job is far from over!

2019’s Latino Health Summit will be a two (2) day event that will include more vendors, more public access and the introduction of fitness activities and teaching workshops. We want to extend this event beyond the workers to the consumers themselves, and make a greater impact.

I invite you to participate and contribute towards this minority health event. Whether you participate as a corporate executive, as a privately owned business entrepreneur or a healthcare system or provider, we welcome you to be a part of continuing the momentum from 2018; and "Conquer the Future" of Latino health in 2019. Inside this brochure, you'll find numerous investment opportunities that will fit both your marketing and community outreach needs. I hope you will join us in April 2019 in York, PA., as we continue to collaborate towards the health of the Latino community in Pennsylvania– 1,000,000 strong!

Kind Regards,

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